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What can Mod Podge do?? Get 101 Mod Podge uses here! You’ll be surprised at all of the things you can make: gifts, jewelry, decor, and more. Linda Luechtefeld Mod Podge Easy Diy Crafts Diy Crafts To Sell Easy Crafts Crafts For Kids Homemade Crafts
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You can use Mod Podge on fabric, paper, wood, plastic, almost anything! My favorite thing to decoupage or mod podge is furniture. You might think it’s hard to mod podge furniture but it’s not. After reading my tutorial give it a try. Remember the $2.50 sewing
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Jul 31, 2020 – Explore Sonia’s board “crafts with mod podge”, followed by 243522 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about mod podge, crafts, podge. I picked up this dresser for free. It was quite a challenge and the process taught me so much. The first …
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Learn How to Mod Podge for Beginners
If you’ve never decoupaged before or just have some questions, use this resource to learn how to Mod Podge. Includes FAQs, videos, how-tos. Learn how to use Mod Podge on …
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Mod Podge was developed way back in the year 1960 by a designer – Jan Wetstone. Been a ardent lover of craft and decoupage, Jan used to be frustrated with the lack of efficiency that comes with glues available for making collages or decoupaging. It involved lots of
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Get 101 Mod Podge uses here! You’ll be surprised at all of the things you can make: gifts, jewelry, decor, and more. Do It Yourself Jewelry Do It Yourself Home Diy Projects To Try Craft Projects Craft Ideas Dremel Tool Projects Diy Ideas Glue Gun Projects Glue Gun Crafts
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If using Mod Podge as a decoupage glue, they recommend that you allow an item to “cure” for at least 4 weeks before applying a varnish. I’ve worked with a lot of different types of varnish both in artwork and in refinishing furniture. After years of experimentation.
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Some people use mod podge or other glue products in place of pouring mediums. I don’t do that personally and don’t recommend it for longevity in your art, but if you wanted to use mod podge, you would mix it with your paint and some water to make a pouring consistency.
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Homemade Mod Podge
How to make homemade mod podge: 1. Grab your ½ pint mason jar and remove the lid.Pour an entire 6 oz. bottle of washable kids glue to fill up the mason jar. 2. Now grab your cup of water and pour it on top of your glue. Apply your lid to the mason jar and shake it for a good minute.
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Gluing Fabric to Glass Tips: Best Glue and Helpful Guide

Mod Podge is an excellent glue for glass and fabric as it does dry clear and doe snot interfere with the look you are going for. The other key to gluing glass is to make sure it is clean, free from oil, and not dry. The oil freedom includes any oil coming from your fingertips.
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I mod podged my key fob!. Remove top of remote, mix glitter or paint in with mod podge, I used sparkle podge and purple glitter. Apply one thin coat, let dry 10 minutes, apply a 2nd coat if you like then let dry. Apply clear mod podge on top, let dry 12-24 hours then snap on case. Super easy!
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Jun 3, 2020 – Explore Faye Madura’s board “Modge podge DIY, fabric, glass, misc” on Pinterest. See more ideas about podge, mod podge crafts, modge podge. Because of the increasing prevalence of digital media in our lives, handwriting may not be as important
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Your Questions About Mod Podge Photo Transfer …

 · A: Mod Podge photo transfers can be tricky and take a little bit of practice. I’ve noticed two things with the photo transfers using the medium. 1) you need to make sure there is enough medium between the paper and the surface. You should not be able to see the image (it should be completely obscured by medium) when you place it down.
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Get 101 Mod Podge uses here! You’ll be surprised at all of the things you can make: gifts, jewelry, decor, and more. Your Guide to All 17 Varieties of Mod Podge
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Mod Podge is kind of my arch nemesis of crafting. I haven’t really ever made anything with mod podge that worked out, except this post on how to remove mod podge which has been a hit for years. In that post I was removing the mod podge because I had
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101 global ratings 5 star 75% 4 star 15% 3 star 8% 2 star 1% 1 star 1% The Big Book of Mod Podge: Decoupage Made Easy I highly recommend this book for reference purposes if the reader is interested in the many uses of Mod Podge products. Read more