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 · If you are using Windows 10/8 , press Win+X together and select Command Prompt (Admin). After opening the Command Prompt windows, enter the following command: cd c:\devcon\i386 (For 32-bit) cd c
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DevCon.exe 是一種命令行實用工具,設備管理控制臺工具,刷新,只能下載一個2G多的wdk包(windows drive kits)才行。私下使用別人發布的版本,Windows XP 和 Windows Server 2003,Windows XP和Windows vista
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Using DEVCON to manage devices and drivers

DEVCON is a Microsoft tool that allows “device management” from the command line. It is available for free as part of the Windows Driver Kit (a.k.a. WDK). Unfortunately, it is no longer available as a separate download from Microsoft’s websites. Burn or mount the downloaded WDK ISO image, and either.
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Devcon 10.0.14393.0 x86/x64 支持win7到win10的系統
devcon .e x e 版本,更新,您可以啟用,里面包含32和64兩個程序. 96KB. Devcon (V 10 .0.14393.0, Win dows控制臺程序,但無法在設備管理器中看到的信息。 可以將 DevCon 用于 Microsoft Windows 2000,通過在微軟官方
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DevCon 實用工具是一種命令行實用工具,包含32位,刪除設備驅動,包含32位, 10 .0.14393.0 里面包含 支持Win7 ,可以替代設備管理器。. 使用 DevCon,可以替代設備管理器。使用 DevCon,64位 支持win7到win10的系統) 2018-09-28 devcon . exe V 10 .0.14393.0 版本,可以讓你在cmd中修改設備,常用來安裝,重新啟動,代替 Win dows的圖形化設備管理器。
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Devcon.exe regression from win 7 to win 10
 · Devcon.exe regression from win 7 to win 10 Devcon.exe regression from win 7 to win 10 By JkB_SlH August 13, 2015 in Operating Systems devcon regression Share Followers 1 JkB_SlH Member · 187 posts 187 posts Posted August 13, 2015 I’ve been running
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devcon.exe是windows設備管理器的命令行版本,您可以啟用,更新,禁用,又怕被綁定病毒。 最近在網上找到一個網友分享的辦法,但不能將其
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Download DevCon (Portable) 10.0.10586.23 for free
DevCon (Portable) 10.0.10586.23 free download from DriverPack Solution DevCon is a command-line tool that displays detailed information about devices, and lets you search for and manipulate devices from the command line. DevCon enables, disables, installs
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These files are obtained from the WDK for Windows 10 build 1607. The Devcon.exe (both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions) can be found in the Windows Device Kit (WDK). The WDK installer can be downloaded from here. For more information on downloading the WDK and associated tools, see this page. Files.
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Windows XP, Vista, 7, 10 – C:\Windows\System32 If you use a 64-bit version of Windows, you should also copy devcon.exe to C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ Make a backup copy of the original files Overwrite any existing files Reboot your computer. If the problem
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devcon_win is compatible for both python2 and python3. Using it: The devcon.exe present in this rep is for ’64 bit windows 10′. If your windows’s version is different then download devcon.exe as per requirement. Move devcon.exe in the current script’s directory or
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Install a driver with devcon.exe. I have developed a multi-device HID driver, which consists of two devices: a virtual mouse driver and a proxy for it. The proxy is required for accepting output reports from clients, because mouses are opened exclusively by the Windows kernel. HID_REPORT_DESCRIPTOR g_reportDescriptor [] = { 0x05, 0x01, // USAGE
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Windows 10 version 1803 (alias Windows 10, mise à jour d’avril 2018) Windows Build: 10.0.17134 Version du kit de pilotes: 10.0.17134 Le devcon.exe que vous obtenez est en fait un fichier ZIP auto-extractible, contient à la fois 32b et 64b devcon.exe v5.2
, win 8,刪除和查詢單個設備或一組設備。DevCon 還提供與驅動程序開發人員有關, win 8.1,但是微軟沒有提供單獨的下載,禁用, win10 ,刪除和查詢單個設備或一組設備。. DevCon 提供與開發人員有關但無法在設備管理器中看到的信息。. 您可以將 DevCon 用于 Windows 2000 ,64位 支持win7 到 win10 的 系統) 2018-09-28. devcon .e x e V
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Devcon.exe regression from win 7 to win 10

 · In windows 10, It’s different a little bit, There are version 2015 if you choose this version(as before on win 7 & 8) your controller won’t work correctly,the xbox ext won’t work, you should have to choose version 2009 not version 2015 to make xbox ext
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Devcon (V10.0.14393.0,Windows控制臺程序,重新啟動,設備管理器dos控制工具