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Food Import Control System (FICS)

For food importers / food distributors who have already registered or have obtained a licence under other ordinances, they will be exempted from the registration requirement. For details, please click here. New SVE applicant should submit application by completing the application form FEHB233 or submit application via FICS with the submission
Central Kitchen with Food Factory Licence for Sale with Lease - Lacrucci
LCQ3: Cooked food hawker licences
LCQ3: Cooked food hawker licences. At present, the succession and transfer of various categories of hawker licences are subject to stringent restrictions. It has been reported that a noodle shop, which had been in operation for 31 years in the cooked food stalls (commonly known as “cooked food kiosks”) in Kwong Fuk Estate, had to close down
9 mouth-watering street foods you need to try in Hong Kong
Hong Kong e-Legislation
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Best Food in Hong Kong: 9 Must-Have Foodie Experiences
Factory Canteens 工廠食堂
In accordance with the laws of Hong Kong, any person who intends to operate a factory canteen in the territory must obtain a factory canteen licence issued by the Licensing Authority before commencement of such business. Factory canteen means any food business in a factory building which involves the sale or supply of meals or unbottled non
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Online Licence Services 網上牌照服務

Online Licence Services 網上牌照服務
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Department of Health
Latest shipment of Comirnaty vaccine arrives in Hong Kong (13-Apr-2021) CHP investigates suspected puffer fish poisoning case (12-Apr-2021) Two persons sentenced for breaching compulsory quarantine orders (12-Apr-2021) CHP investigates 13 additional
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Hong Kong
 · Hong Kong requires that the state of refrigeration at the time of certification be indicated in the “PRODUCT AS LABELED” block of FSIS Form 9060-5. For example, a product labeled as “chicken leg quarters” must be entered as “frozen chicken leg quarters” when the product is shipped frozen.
Newspaper hawker licences dry up as Hong Kong changes its habits. government says | South China Morning Post
Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department
Prohibited articles are goods the import, export or transit of which are prohibited or controlled under the provisions of the Import and Export Ordinance, Chapter 60, Laws of Hong Kong. (Opens a new window) or any other laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Any persons importing or exporting such prohibited articles must apply
Anti-epidemic Fund disburses subsidies progressively to relevant food business licence holders and licensed hawkers - Dimsum Daily

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With one cafe or restaurant for every 600 residents, Hong Kong has more per capita than most cities. So the biggest challenge, once you’ve dealt with licensing, contractors
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Business registration applies to every business in Hong Kong. Businesses other than corporation (e.g. sole proprietorship or partnership businesses) must make their applications within one month of business commencement. Learn more about the application
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Guide to licensing and permits in Hong Kong
Food Factory License: For a business dealing in the processing of packaged foods or food preparation and manufacturing, a food factory license is required. Restricted Food Permit: You cannot sell restricted food items in Hong Kong without a restricted food permit that allows you to trade in oysters, sushi, cut fruit, and raw meat.
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Learn more about trade policy in Hong Kong, and its participation in various international organisation that related to trade. Overview of Hong Kong’s Import and Export Licensing and Control Search for import and export licensing requirements through this online service by different criteria, such as article, import/ export control, document and Issuing Authority/ Related Organisation.
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Regulation of Pharmaceutical Products in Hong Kong
 · PDF 檔案products in Hong Kong had caused public concerns on drug safety. The Food and Health Bureau (FHB) and Department of Health (DH) took immediate measures to address the concerns, including the inspection of all local drug manufacturers. As a longer term
Having food trucks in Hong Kong is a great idea. but what they serve up must be great fare too | South China Morning Post

Hong Kong Street Food

Hong Kong street food and the hopping Dai Pai Dongs are legendary. Dai Pai Dongs are the bustling street food stalls that are found throughout all of Hong Kong’s neighborhoods. As a general rule, there isn’t much English spoken so just point at what looks good, or
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LCQ20: Operation of unlicensed food businesses
LCQ20: Operation of unlicensed food businesses ***** Following is a question by the Hon James To and a written reply by the Secretary for Food and Health, Dr Ko Wing-man, in the Legislative Council today (July 8): Question: Some members of the public have complained to me that quite a number of barbecue sites currently located on the podiums or rooftops of residential, industrial and