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Ahh yeah I remember and I think the closest the SS comes to meeting ishin again in the anime is the arrancar arc when he’s fighting grand Fisher but yeah I remember that part in the manga now level 2 1 point · 2 years ago
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how long has ichigos dad know his son as a shinigami : …

Now, if you refer to how much since Ichigo was acting as a Shinigami, the fartest we have confirmed is from the chapter when they visited their mothers grave, since he recognized Kon, but he much probably knew since the same night he awakened his powers due to the fact he surely felt his reiatsu. 8. level 2. internetperson-1.
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Holy crap. Just watched the episode where they revealed that ichigo’s dad was a soul reaper, and I about shit my pants. That was great. So glad that didn’t get spoiled for me. Edit: for the people the are interested in me sharing my progress and experiences on the
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Ichigo’s Father
Personality Family & Relationships Manga & Anime Voiced By Kentarō Itō Ichigo’s Father (いちごのお父さん, Ichigo no otōsan?) is the father of Ichigo Moesaki. His given name has not been revealed as of yet. 1 Appearance 2 Story 2.1 Sore ga Seiyuu! 3
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Bleach: Is Ichigo’s dad a real soul reaper or is he a …

 · Ichigo’s dad was a real soul reaper. He was once a powerful shinigami in his time, but they didn’t say that he is a captain. his rank is unknown, but the white clothe in his arm it seemed a haori and we do not know what kind of rank when he was in soul society. kubo
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What’s Ichigo’s Job after the 10 Year time skip? : bleach

he’s in the top 5% of his class lol, he’s doctor material. fyi the novel confirmed that Ichigo regained his powers after Yhwach’s defeat. He is in data management in a small business firm focusing in office supplies with mid managerial position and around 5 employees under plus an intern.
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What’s the deal with Ichigo’s mum in Bleach?
Okay, I was Okay, I was watched that probably six times and if you would like I can go. Literally to the anime planet and look, but it’s 366 episodes. So this much we know. She’s dead. There’s a giant poster of her on her wall that his crazy-ass
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Ichigo Kurosaki is a high schooler who lives with his dad and two sisters at their clinic. His mom died when he was younger (he was 9 and his sisters were 4), he blames himself for that because she was trying to save him. Ichigo could always see ghosts and spirits
I really found it funny that not only was Ichigo's father Rangiku's captain. but that her personality has change… | Dibujos. Dibujos anime manga ...

Bleach 514 Review: Ichigo’s Mom is a Quincy and His …

 · Bleach 514 was recently released and it revealed some shocking revelation about Ichigo and his real identity. Just a warning though, this article have details (or spoilers) is you haven’t read the chapter yet. If you don’t want to get spoiled I suggest you read Bleach
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Ichigo is a Quincy and Juha Bach’s Son?!! – Bleach 514 …

 · Bleach 514 reveals a big clue to who Ichigo really is, his origins are not detailed but are described to be a Quincy due to his mother sides! Juha Bach reveals that as he didn’t know his mother too well, he wouldn’t have known but Juha Bach also calls Ichigo his son!!
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bleach – is it true ichigo’s dad is a soul reaper?
 · Well Ichigo dad is more than a simple shinigami. Many fans including me predict that he is actually an ex member of 0 Squad because his cloths have different design than the other captains. When a captain gets promoted they are sent to the 0 squad. 0 Squad
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BLEACH Movie #4: Jigoku-hen (Hell Chapter) Review. Posted on August 27, 2011. August 29, 2011 by House of Thoughts. Who can forget the first time Ichigo transformed to his Vaste Lorde form during his fight with Ulquiorra. That scene starts off the new movie entitled Jigoku-hen, or Hell Chapter/Verse, which is based on Hell Arc: The Unforgiven
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Why was Ichigo’s dad so strong compared to the other …

Great question ? I’ll address each question separately. 1. Why was Isshin so strong compared to other Captains? Isshin Kurosaki is very powerful because he is of noble decent. He was born in the Shiba clan, which was one of the 5(now 4) noble hous