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A Leftist Core Belief: Denying Evil
Contrast leftist views on what leftists call “hate” speech directed at Muslims and the attacks on Candace Owens and Kanye West. Since Muslims can’t be evil, leftists condemn anyone who brings up
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Leftist views don’t keep professors from teaching at …

Leftist Views Don’t Keep Professors From Teaching at Ariel Part of the Israeli left sees the recent decision to upgrade Ariel University Center to a full university as a move that bolsters the occupation. Several academics who teach at the Ariel University Center in the
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Leftist views on the revolution : DankLeft

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The Alternative Left: Authoritarian Leftism

Authoritarian leftist spaces are somewhat notorious for “self criticism” – which seems like a kind of intraception that is not only encouraged, but mandatory. However, this is never to be done with the intent of holding the movement, its leaders and ideology to any sort of account.
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Pope Francis Is A Leftist And Must Be Called Out

 · January 26, 2015. Don’t pick a political fight with Pope Francis? The title of Rachel Lu’s recent essay and the timidity behind it reminds me of a old Jewish joke. Max and Moishe are being
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The 25 most political bands
 · The bands leftist views attack the U.S. government and regularly question foreign policy (“Bulls on Parade”), all while turning their live shows into a frenzy of passion.
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Are leftists evil?
What do you consider evil? I am a “leftist” even though this term makes no sense. The term itself comes from the ignorance of people trying to vaguely describe a group of people they do not understand, and are too lazy or unintelligent to figure o
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Conservatives Should Boycott Leftist Companies in 2020

Now, corporations are run of, by, and for leftists and actively work against both conservatives and America. So, because of that sea change in how corporations are run and by whom they are run, it is time for conservatives to boycott leftist companies. Now, I know
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Top 5 Leftist Companies to Boycott in 2019 – Right …

 · Right Wing United is a group dedicated to bringing together conservative, traditionalist, and counter-leftist groups and directing them towards safe, sane, and effective activism. You can find out more about us at our About Page.We can be reached through our social media accounts (including Discord https://discord.gg/uRNe98h) as well as [email protected]
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Fact check: Is Kamala Harris the most liberal member of …

 · President Donald Trump led the charge, telling Fox Business on Thursday that Harris was “the most liberal person in the US Senate.” Facts First: Harris’ voting record in the Senate is certainly
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Liberal Brainwashing in Public Schools. Obama Years

Staffers and bureaucrats who do not adhere to leftist liberal views are weeded out and banished under at times, the most treacherous of methodology. Teacher-training colleges resemble indoctrination systems and those who escape the halls of this vile form of academia are decidedly leftist.
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How an Extreme Leftist Ideology Has Gone Mainstream …

 · It will be a fight between the cornerstone of our democracy – free-market capitalism – and an extreme-left ideology that has gone mainstream, driven by a confluence of developments: 1) The
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The “Left” in Left Libertarian

An authentically leftist position, I suggest, is marked by opposition to subordination, exclusion, and deprivation. One person, A, is subordinate to another, B, when B has significant, persistent power over A. The power involved may be physical, but it may also be economic, psychic, social, or cultural.
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Reconciling Libertarian and Leftist Views of Power and …

Reconciling Libertarian and Leftist Views of Power and Equality. May 22nd, 2020. There are a lot of similarities in the two ideologies’ critiques of power and domination, but great differences in how they view state vs. market power. Yet both can learn from each other. Libertarians and leftists often see themselves as occupying different
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“A Beautiful Chorus” ⁠— Leftists Are Using TikTok To …

 · Leftist TikTok creators are booming on the platform, putting out content in just the last month that has collectively amassed hundreds of thousands of views and sparked conversations with other users about leftist movements.
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Authoritarian Left – Statist
This ideology is against individualist thinking, economic and social, an Authoritarian Leftist is against the free market and in favor of economic regulation and at the same time he can be against sexual freedom, abortion, drugs, he can be in favor of military intervention and proletarian internationalism.