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Mayflower Passenger List & Descendants
Assuming you are talking about early immigrants, I am certain there are descendants that have Mayflower ancestry (such as myself to the Dennison line) and many who don’t. Each line needs to be looked at individually to know for certain.
The Mayflower's Voyage and Arrival in Massachusetts
The Mayflower Migration
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Mayflower carried early ‘undocumented immigrants’ In World War II, I was an 18-year-old infantry soldier. In the attack on the town of Nordhausen, Germany, I was a lead scout for my unit. I
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Mayflower. The Mayflower, mastered by William Peirce, out of London, arrived at Salem on 15 May 1629 with passengers for the Mass. Bay Colony. A few had joined the ship bound for Plymouth – the “Saints” in the list below were from Leyden. The Saints Blossom, Thomas; wife Ann (Elston or Alston) and children: Thomas, Jr. (m. Cartoon

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 · Illegal immigrants do not pay their fair share of income taxes. the social security numbers they use are valid, just stolen. They usually claim so many exemptions that no taxes are taken out. They do not try to file at the end of the year.
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Among these sketches are accounts of everyone believed to have resided in Leiden in the decade before 1620 who subsequently came to Plymouth. This migration was not limited to the Mayflower, but continued at least until 1630″–Book jacket first flap.
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Nota Bene: The Pilgrims Were Illegal Immigrants
12/01/2014 02:02 pm ET Updated Jan 31, 2015. Yes. The Pilgrims were illegal immigrants. They landed in America without the permission of the American Indians, who owned the land by virtue of residence for thousands of years. No one except the Indians had the legal right to give them permission.
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Thomas Williams, Mayflower Passenger
Thomas William. Thomas William’s birth date has not been found. Thomas came with the members of the Leiden Congregation from Holland. He was a Separatist. He was a signer of the Mayflower Compact. Thomas never married. He has no known descendants. He died soon after arrival in the general sickness.
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Established in 1935 by Greek immigrants George Kountouris and John Gouras, Mayflower Cafe has anchored the corner of West Capitol and Roach streets since. Third-generation owner Jerry Kountouris (George was his great uncle) asked his dad several times about the origin of the cafe’s name. Founders definitely wanted a seafood focus.
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Pilgrims and the Mayflower Society
Item 11445 info. Maine Historical Society. It is estimated that 10 percent of Americans are descendants of the Pilgrims who emigrated from England on the Mayflower. Even with a 400-year history of settlement in Maine and Massachusetts, Mayflower descendants are still the great-grandchildren of immigrants!
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Elias Story Biography
Elias Story came to Plymouth in 1620 on the Mayflower as a servant of Edward Winslow, and died soon after arrival [Bradford 441, 444]. The Pilgrim Migration: Immigrants to Plymouth Colony 1620-1633 Buy the print edition of The Pilgrim Migration: Immigrants to Plymouth Colony 1620-1633.
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Were the people on the Mayflower illegal immigrants?
 · Were the people on the Mayflower illegal immigrants?
What made 17th-century England so unbearable that thousands risked the voyage to America?
John Turner, Mayflower Passenger
John Turner was born in 1590 in Norfolk, England (possibly). He was approximately 30 years old when he sailed on the Mayflower. John Turner brought his two young sons on the Mayflower voyage. They were members of the Leiden Congregation from Holland. He
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Some see irony in COVID’s impact on Mayflower commemoration …

 · Some see irony in COVID’s impact on Mayflower commemoration. Tweet. By ALLEN G. BREED , AP National Writer, Associated Press. 2020/09/22 13:28. The Mayflower II, a replica of the original Mayflower ship that brought the Pilgrims to America 400 year ago, is docked in Plymouth, Mass., days after The Mayflower II, a replica of the original
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John Sprague (1633
of the Mayflower immigrants. Mary’s response dated July 1st, 2008: From the Epilogue, Page 345: “As early as the fall of 1675, they had begun to sail from the coast of New England: the slave ships. It began in September when a Captain Sprague departed from