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iPhone 6 and down: Press and hold Home and Side/Top buttons for the recovery mode screen to load. Select Restore and follow the on-screen steps to set up your device. How to ensure that you do not forget your Apple iOS ID passcode again If your iOS device
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Hi, I have got a problem with my iPhone 6 and I would appreciate if one could advise me how to fix it. I dropped my iPhone 6 and broke the screen. I then replaced the screen and found the message “iPhone is Disabled. Connect to iTunes“. Apart from this message, I
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Apeaksoft iOS Unlockeris the software to fix disabled iPhone and unlock your disabled iPhone from various password types like Touch ID, 6-digit, 6-digit, etc. Moreover, no matter how many minutes your iPhone is disabled, it can break that and remove the password immediately.
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 · Step 2: Sign in iCloud with Apple ID and password; Step 3: Go to “Find My iPhone” > “All Devices” to find your disabled iPhone from a list; Step 4: Press on the name of your disabled iPhone and select “Erase iPhone” to wipe all data and settings, including screen passcode. Part 4. How to Fix iPhone Is Disabled Connect to iTunes by Using
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 · I didn’t enter incorrect passcodes! Why my iPhone is disabled? Some of you may find the iPhone in disabled condition, but don’t recall entering wrong passcode. There are few possible reasons for this. Pockets: One of the most common situations is when you pull out your phone from the pocket to find out it’s disabled.
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 · So, I have an iPhone 5, and for some reason, my friends find it enjoying to lock my phone. Anyway, this time they locked it so long that I have to connect it to iTunes to make it work. On the phone it says: iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes. But then on iTunes, it
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How to Use Find My iPhone to Bypass iPhone 6/6 Plus Passcode For this feature to work, you must have “Find my iPhone” enabled on your iPhone 6, and you must remember iCloud ID credentials to log in. Bypassing iPhone 6 passcode without Siri or iTunes provide you with another option, and it …
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Part 1: How to get into a locked iPhone with Dr.Fone? If you are locked out of iPhone, you should only use a reliable and secure way to unlock it. The chances are that the above-mentioned technique might not work on your device. Hence, you can use Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock for help to unlock your phone. for help to unlock your phone.
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Access Siri from a Locked iPhone 6
Access Siri from a Locked iPhone 6. Hello, you are watching VisiHow. In this tutorial, we will show you how to access Siri on a locked iPhone 6. 3.1 How can I get SIRI to come up if my iPhone is locked and disabled? 3.2 My iPhone 4S is on disable and cannot access SIRI, what do I do?
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Need to verify my Apple ID if I can’t use my phone or see the code? If you are unable to verify my Apple ID if I can’t use my phone or see the code then, you can use this tools to verify my Apple ID if I can’t use my phone or see the code. And Sto
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An iPhone may be locked or disabled due to various reasons even if it does not have a passcode. However, it is easier to hard reset your iPhone if your power and home button are working properly. Hard resetting takes only a few simple steps even when your device has no passcode restrictions.
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 · Part 6: Things to remember regarding a disabled iPhone First of all, you have to look for warning messages that keep coming on your screen before your iPhone gets disabled permanently. So that, you do not have to face errors like “iPhone is disabled connect to iPhone”.
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 · Method 3: Unlock a disabled iPhone by using ‘Find My iPhone’ Apple ‘Find my iPhone’ is used when you want to track a stolen or missing iPhone. However, the feature can also be utilized to unlock a disabled iPhone, by way of bypassing the device password.
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 · “My phone dropped from my hand to the ground unexpectedly this morning, and finally I got an iPhone with a broken screen. When I tried to unlock the screen password to access my contacts, I found that the screen didn’t respond at all no matter how I touched it.
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Certainly, when the Find My iPhone function is disabled on your iPhone, you can wipe the Apple ID from your iPhone without password by restoring the device in iTunes. Before you follow the steps below, you need to update your iTunes to the latest version and also back up the vital data on your iPhone because the Restore function will remove your iPhone data.
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 · iCloud: If you’ve enabled Find My iPhone on your device, you can use iCloud to erase it. Use this option if you don’t have access to the phone or if you sync your phone with iCloud and not iTunes. Check out these instructions on how to use iCloud to erase your.