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Racial Stereotypes in TV Shows and Movies
 · Too often, actors from minority groups who land roles in films and TV shows are asked to play stock characters, including maids, thugs, and sidekicks with no lives of their own. These racial stereotypes of various ethnicities, from Arabs to Asians, continue to persist.
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5 Common Black Stereotypes in TV and Film
 · Because Black people were forced into servitude for hundreds of years in the United States, it’s no surprise that one of the earliest stereotypes about Black people to emerge in television and film is that of the domestic worker or mammy. Television shows and movies such as “Beulah” and “Gone With The Wind” capitalized on the mammy
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How Racial Stereotypes in Popular Media Affect People …

In 2015, the average U.S. resident consumed traditional and digital media for about 15.5 hours each day. In the same year, eight- to twelve-year-old children consumed an average of six hours of media a day and teens consumed nine hours. This mind-boggling
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Common Arab Stereotypes in TV and Film
 · The media’s racial stereotyping of Middle Eastern people has allegedly produced unfortunate consequences, including hate crimes, racial profiling, discrimination, and bullying. Arabs in the Desert When Coca-Cola debuted a commercial during Super Bowl 2013 featuring Arabs riding camels in the desert, Arab American groups weren’t pleased .
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The failure and ridicule of TV Tropes – The Other Sarah

In a word, TV Tropes is a positive wiki, whereas Wikipedia, for instance, is a neutral wiki (it theoretically doesn’t try to make stuff look good or bad). So, yeah. Everything isn’t perfect, and the fun does get reduced, but I still think the global result is positive.
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Advertising Stereotypes: 30 Examples of TV Ads
Advertising Stereotypes: 30 Examples of TV Ads The Advertising stereotypes Are beliefs, impressions or conceptions that an individual or group has over other individuals or groups (nations, cultures, guilds, among others) and are shown in advertising.
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Why Do Asian-Americans Remain Largely Unseen in Film …

 · Only in the representational arts do Asians remain unseen — mostly in film and television, but in music, too, and, to a lesser degree, on the runway. In other words: It is only when we are
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Male bisexual representation is slowly changing for the …

 · While TV has in the past several years seen remarkable strides in both quantity and quality of representation of bisexual women, there have been few comparable examples of male bisexual characters. In 2008, Grey’s Anatomy ’s Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) began a relationship with a woman, having had previous relationships with men, and became one of the only characters to explicitly
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Decolonization and Integration in D&D
 · For ease of examination, I will draw on TV Tropes for this. These player races get the bulk of the negative aspects of the Half Human Hybrid, Half Breed Discrimination, Maligned Mixed Race Marriage, and parts of That’s Not My Child.
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7 Fat Positive Activists Who’ll Make Your 2017 More …

In times of distress or uncertainty, I regularly find myself turning to fat positive activists for inspiration. Since November 8, 2016, this has been truer than ever. Never in my life has a
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Hollywood Racism: The Magical Negro Trope – The …

 · TV Tropes writes of the magical negro: So enlightened and selfless is he that he has no desire to gain glory for himself; he only wants to help those who need guidance…which just happens to mean those who are traditionally viewed by Hollywood as better suited for protagonist roles, not, say, his own oppressed people.
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Urban Fantasy 101 – Weird Ass Werewolf Tropes
 · Content warnings: This installment of Urban Fantasy 101 contains references to or descriptions of racism, homophobia, heterocentrism, sexual assault, childhood abuse, domestic abuse, other forms of discrimination. There are also tons of footnotes. Werewolves
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Native American Tropes to Avoid
 · TV Tropes is a decent source for this matter. Feb 22, 2016 #3 johnsonjoshuak Troubadour 109 19 18 X Equestris said: ↑ Don’t stick tepees in places they don’t belong. In other words, non-Plains environs. And many of the Plains tribes built earthen lodges they
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Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race
 · 10,181. 10k. O n 22 February 2014, I published a post on my blog. I titled it “Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People about Race”. It read: “I’m no longer engaging with white people
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Profile: How One Day at a Time Avoids Negative Queer …

One study found that people are more accepting of transgender individuals after seeing them depicted on-screen, which could have positive implications for persuading the public to support policies that combat transgender discrimination (Flores et al., 2018).
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Tropes vs. Women Protagonists
 · The mouthpiece of the gaming generation, The Escapist aims to capture and celebrate the contemporary video gaming lifestyle and the diverse global video game culture by way of in-depth features, thought provoking articles and relevant columns authored by leading video game authorities, as well as cutting-edge video shorts, engaging forums and robust social media elements that incorporate …