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增修訂33種農藥於各類蔬果植物等農產品110項殘留容許量,氟大滅 秋葵 依芬寧 菠菜 安美速,芥菜,均從5ppm降至2ppm。
WO2013030195A1 - Methods of controlling insects of the family curculionidae - Google Patents
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迎接專利到期的農藥有效成分:全球指南 -GII

Pyrifluquinazon Cyantraniliprole Cyflumetofen Cyclaniliprole Spirotetramat 第3章 迎接專利到期的殺菌劑的簡介 Fenpyrazamine Mandipropamid Penflufen Bixafen Fluopyram Isopyrazam Sedaxane 第4章 其他 Cyprosulfamid 目錄 Headlines Global Guide of
新喹唑啉(間二氮雜苯)類殺蟲劑 – 化學慧

新穎昆蟲行為控制劑——pyrifluquinazon–《世界農藥 …

【摘要】,新增「米類」的百克敏殘留容許0.2ppm,依芬寧 日本油菜 賽座滅 青椒 氟尼胺 結球萵苣 氟大
Recent advances in the pharmacological diversification of quinazoline/quinazolinone hybrids - RSC Advances (RSC Publishing) DOI:10.1039/D0RA06642G
衛福部預告修正《農藥殘留容許量標準》,粉蚧類,賽安勃 抹茶粉 矽護芬 鮮秋葵 賽福座 地瓜 芬普尼代謝物 哈密瓜 Pyrifluquinazon 哈密瓜 Pyrifluquinazon 抹茶加靜岡茶 矽護芬,葉蟬類和薊馬類的效果卓著。鑒于該藥劑對已知殺蟲劑敏感性下降的害蟲呈現很高的活性,其可用于殺蟲劑抗性管理(IRM:
WO2012073995A1 - Heteroaromatic ring compound and pest control application thereof - Google Patents
337458-27-2 – MIOBBYRMXGNORL-UHFFFAOYSA-N – Pyrifluquinazon [ISO] – Similar structures search, synonyms, formulas, resource links, and other chemical information. InChIKey MIOBBYRMXGNORL-UHFFFAOYSA-N Search the web for this InChIKey
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 · PDF 檔案3 Pyrifluquinazon – 茶 15 殺蟲劑 Pyrimethanil 派美尼 黑莓 4.0 殺菌劑 Pyrimethanil 派美尼 藍莓 7.0 殺菌劑 Pyrimethanil 派美尼 覆盆子 10.0 殺菌劑 Pyriofenone – 葡萄 2.0 殺菌劑 Pyriofenone 1.5- 草莓 殺菌劑 Quinclorac 快克草 蔓越莓 1.5 除草劑
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 · PDF 檔案RYCAR insecticide contains pyrifluquinazon, which has been classified by the Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) as “unknown mode of action”. Repeated use of the same chemistry has been shown to result in the buildup of resistant strains of
Patent CN103155930A - Insecticidal composition compounded with macrolide compound - Google Patents

337457-78-0・Pyrifluquinazon Metabolite B Standard …

[Pyrifluquinazon Metabolite B Standard] .We manufacture and distribute chemical reagents for research use only or various antibodies. for Pesticide Residue Analysis Specification Assay : 97.0+% (HPLC) 95.0+% (qNMR) Manufacturer : FUJIFILM Wako Pure
Pyrifluquinazon reference standards, CAS number: 337458-27-2, for unparalleled analytical testing within the food and beverage sector. Buy online at LGC Standards. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience of our website. If you accept
Status and outlook for acaricide and insecticide discovery - Jeschke - - Pest Management Science - Wiley Online Library
CAS No. 337458-27-2
Pyrifluquinazon CAS# 337458-27-2 Catalog Number Cat# P-1093S-CN 17034 Classification 17034 Class. Certified Reference Material Matrix 100 µg/mL in Acetonitrile Number of Components Comps. 1 Unit 1 mL Price (USD) Price $52.00 Add to Cart Add Share
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檢出殘留農藥Pyrifluquinazon 0.04 ppm 法規限量標準 本案不符合食品安全衛生管理法第15條有關「農藥殘留容許量標準」規定。 製造廠或出口商名稱 DAISHO CO.,LTD. 製造商代碼
2.2'.3.3'.4.5.5'.6-Octachlorobiphenyl Analytical Standards

【pyrifluquinazon】什么意思_英語pyrifluquinazon的翻 …

Pyrifluquinazon (殺蟲劑) 食品名(中文) 基于20個網頁-相關網頁 短語 Pyrifluquinazon standard 新喹唑啉類殺蟲劑 Pyrifluquinazon metabolite b standard 新喹唑啉代謝物B
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Simultaneous determination of pyrifluquinazon and its …

Simultaneous determination of pyrifluquinazon and its main metabolite in fruits and vegetables by using QuEChERS-HPLC-MS/MS. You X(1), Sui C(1), Li Y(1), Wang X(1). Author information: (1)Key Laboratory of Tobacco Pest Monitoring Controlling & Integrated Management, Tobacco Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Qingdao, Shandong Province, China.
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40 CFR § 180.701 Pyrifluquinazon; tolerances for …

180.701 Pyrifluquinazon; tolerances for residues. 180.701 Pyrifluquinazon; tolerances for residues. (a) General. (1) Tolerances are established for residues of the insecticide pyrifluquinazon, including its metabolites and degradates, in or on the commodities in the
Pesticide treatment reduces hydrophobic pollutant contamination in Cucurbita pepo through competitive binding to major latex-like proteins ...
PYRIFLUQUINAZON 71711-37 State Availability Yes No Not Specified This information is for reference only. It is the responsibility of the user to verify the product is registered and appropriate for use in a given state Labels / SDS

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