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1. ) Witchbrook Release Date – TBD From the same publisher that brought Stardew Valley to the masses, Chucklefish, this upcoming, in-development game is a no-brainer for Stardew lovers. Set in a school for witches, developers have teased that Witchbrook will have a slice-of-life vibe that’s very similar to Stardew–with a day and night system, […]
Chucklefish Unveils Witchbrook as the Title of Their New Magic School Game
Project Spellbound is Now Known as Witchbrook
Chucklefish, the company that is well known for Stardew Valley, a plucky pixelated farming simulation RPG, has now released information on their upcoming game once known as Spellbound. A picture tweeted by @Tiyuri, the twitter of Finn Brice, the CEO of Chucklefish, with the announced title of WitchBrook was blasted to the masses with a caveat that Witchbrook is still very much in …
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Magic School RPG Witchbrook shows new visuals
Unfortunately, there’s still no release date for Witchbrook. Image credit: Chucklefish I’ve mentioned Stardew Valley a lot in this post, so naturally, I’m going to point you in its direction. It’s one of the best life sims out there, and it’s available on HRK Game for a.
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There is no release date; however, the website states that a potential date is “quite a while off.” In addition, there is no information on what platforms the game will be released on. Judging by the new screenshots, we should be prepared for a magically wonderful time.
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Chucklefish still isn’t ready to give out a release date or planned platforms for Witchbrook, but it has opened signups for a newsletter if you want to be first in line for more info.
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WitchBrook system requirements, WitchBrook minimum requirements and recommended requirements, Can you run WitchBrook, specs There are only official system requirements on the site which are released by developers or an official publisher.
Witchbrook re-revealed by Chucklefish with new isometric pixel art style

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No, Witchbrook is a different game. I’m watching out for that one, as well. #1. Vethergen. View Profile View Posts. [developer] Apr 2, 2020 @ 2:43pm. No, Serin Fate is by me, Vethergen 🙂 Witchbrook definitely has similar elements though, since you’re roleplaying a “Witch”! #2.
Witchbrook re-revealed by Chucklefish with new isometric pixel art style
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Download the hideout and import that in the game. After that you’ll get a system message from Path of Exile saying: “could not import one or more hideout doodads, hideout template imported successfully”. If you don’t get that message you probably already own all the decorations. 2) After importing “jungle”, hit the export button and save it as
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 · When we expect it: GSC Game World hinted at a 2021 release date way back in 2018, but an offhand comment is far from a guarantee. Implicit development complications from the pandemic and the inherent volatility of game development, especially for a complex open world like Stalker’s have me thinking we’ll see it late 2022 at the earliest.
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5 things I demand from Witchbrook,
Witchbrook doesn’t have a release date yet, as Chucklefish are operating on an it’s-done-when-it’s-done-and-no-crunch policy, but the new screenshots show off a very detailed, very beautiful world. And having no set release date means they have plenty of time to put in all the features that I, their number one customer, insist upon!
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No word just yet on a release date or what platforms the game will come to, but we suspect that it will be like Starbound and be on PC for sure. We suspect that the charming art style would feel right at home on the Switch, and other consoles, just like Stardew Valley, but we will just have to remain hopeful and support the devs by letting them know where we want it.
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Witchbrook re-revealed by Chucklefish with new isometric pixel art style
Chucklefish Reveals New Look For Witchbrook
 · To get a sense of what’s altered, take a look at this formerly launched screen, which shows off the old art design. Witchbrook, old artstyle. And now, have a look at these new screenshots, simply launching today. Chucklefish explains its game as a “wonderful school and town life simulator.”.
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There’s still no hint of a release date, or even platforms, for Witchbrook at present, but Chucklefish says the game is still “quite a while off”. Those especially eager to learn more can sign-up to the developer’s newsletter if they so choose.